When Californians Try South Carolina Cuisine…The Result Is Hysterical

So, wait! Have you ever thought about what other people in other states (excluding other Southern states) thought about our food? Let’s think about this a moment. South Carolina is known for its down home, southern fried comfort food. We love to slather it in gravy and pat it in butter. We are even particular about what we drink; our tea has to be the perfect sweetness, our coffee with the just right amount of bitterness, and our ginger ale, well, it has to be made with real ginger. I can only be curious about what others think about our food and here are a couple of videos that will let us in on what others think of our fine cuisine.

I can only imagine what you think of these! I find them quite hilarious myself. It is always so interesting to see things from another person’s viewpoint.

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