The history of South Carolina is equal parts interesting and expansive. One of the oldest colonies in South Carolina dates back to 1670, but they were not the first to settle here. We have discovered archaeological sites in South Carolina that have dated back farther than you could imagine. In fact, it’s quite amazing what secrets South Carolina holds. Here are 9 things that archaeologists have discovered that prove just how intriguing ancient South Carolina really is.

9. Native American Artifacts in Florence County: This short video shows the discoveries in Florence County and gives the local natives a platform to discuss what they would like to see happen in the future.

When most think of South Carolina’s history they usually don’t think much further back than the colonization of the land by Europeans. We are now finding that the history of this land stretches much further back – and these archaeological sites in South Carolina serve as proof. So, did you know about the amazing artifacts unearthed in South Carolina? Ever visited any of the archaeological sites in South Carolina mentioned above? If so, which ones and what’d you think? Know of any other places to view South Carolina artifacts? Whatever you have to say, we want to hear it, so share your thoughts with us!

The discovery of these archaeological sites in South Carolina isn’t the only significant thing to happen in the Palmetto State. As we stated before, the state’s history is both lengthy and interesting, and to prove it, here are the seven most shocking events in South Carolina history.

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