7 Conspiracy Theories In South Carolina Will Make You Question Everything…Including Your Sanity

Conspiracy theories have been floating around since the advent of civilization. Who can say which conspiracies are real and which one’s are just the products of the overactive imaginations of an over-stressed society. IF a supposed conspiracy theory is real we will never know because most theories include the provision that powerful people are hiding the truth in ways that ensure it can never be uncovered. And, likewise, most of these theories are so bizarre that the public would reject them even if sufficient evidence of their existence was uncovered. Here are 7 conspiracy theories surrounding South Carolina that will make you question…what it real?

7. Conspiracy Theory #7: Common Core is not just another way to teach our children. South Carolina has moved to implement Agenda 21. Don’t know what that is? I have a short video for you below that will explain all of it.

Conspiracy theories will be around long after you or I are gone. Whether you believe in them or not they will continue to exist. In researching, I have found that I myself can get pulled in either direction if the evidence is strong enough. What do you believe? Tell us in the comments below!

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