The 23 Most Jaw Dropping Photos Taken In South Carolina in 2016

In 2016 we were so happy to feature 355 daily photos (and counting) submitted by you, our followers, to our OnlyInSouthCarolina Facebook page. Your efforts and talents didn’t go unnoticed, as each photo garnered its fair share of “likes” and “shares” from other followers.

Many thanks to the amateur and professional photographers who participated. The top 23 most popular photographs of the year are below. The rankings are based on reader Facebook engagement in the form of likes and shares for each photo. (If we have a link for the photographer’s Facebook page then it appears in small gray print right under the image.)

These photos are breathtaking!

A huge thank you to all the amazing South Carolina photographers who contributed work to be featured on our Facebook page this year. You keep taking pictures and we’ll keep sharing them!

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