13 Times Snow Transformed South Carolina Into The Most Beautiful Scenery

The Palmetto State awakened Friday¬†to our first statewide “cold snap” of the season – brrrrr. This comes just in time for many tree lightings and Christmas parades scheduled around the state this weekend. We thought this was a perfect time to take a look back at some beautiful South Carolina snowy scenes captured on film/disk forever. So put on your coats and scarves¬†and let’s take a look…

In some parts of the Palmetto State snow is a novelty. And in all parts of South Carolina just the right amount of snow means the area comes to a grinding halt. If this winter season brings us to a halt for a day or two, let’s not forget to fire up the camera and take some inspirational photos. If nothing else, we can pull them out in August and reflect on a season that wasn’t so unbearably hot.

Do you have any South Carolina snow photos you’d like to share? We’d love it if you’d post them in the comments.