10 Pennsylvania Swimming Holes That Will Make Your Summer Epic

Summer is here, and it’s time to get creative with your aquatic destinations. You can only go to the community pool so many times before its rectangular regularity gets a bit… bland. Here are some of the best naturally occurring or at least, lake-ish, swimming holes in the state of Pennsylvania.

Now, before you go frolicking off to enjoy all the oases our state has to offer, let me bestow some laws upon you from my mighty throne. Not only am I your friendly neighborhood Listicle Writer, but I was a lifeguard for a really long time before that.

Some of these places may be risky for swimming– so always do thorough research on where you’re going, and be sure you’re a strong swimmer before taking the plunge. If you’re bringing children with you, make sure they’re wearing life jackets and don’t let them out of your sight– even if there are lifeguards on dutyBeware of strong currents in rivers and even bodies of water that appear to be still. Never swim by yourself or let a friend swim by themselves. And finally, know the signs of drowning– they may be different than what you expect. I’ll stop yammering on, but THIS is an excellent article from Slate where you can read more.

Without any further ado, the fun part of this article:

10. Rock Run, Williamsport

Backpacker magazine named Rock Run one of the best watering holes in the United States, and after you watch this video, I bet you’ll agree.

Wow, all of the places on this list are gorgeous and appear to be truly refreshing places to escape the summer heat. What other watering holes do you enjoy in our state of Pennsylvania? Tell me about them in the comments below!