The Abandoned Penn Hills Resort In Pennsylvania Is Eerily Elegant

Everything that’s coveted is eventually forgotten, and fancy resorts are no exception to this rule. Penn Hills Resort, located in the Poconos, was once the crowning glory of honeymoon destinations in the area, with commercials broadcast throughout Pennsylvania as well as in New York City and the entire Northeast. You might remember seeing these commercials; or maybe you once stayed at Penn Hills during its lifespan from 1944- 2009.

Below, check out some amazing photographs of what Penn Hills now looks like, followed by a thorough video tour of the abandoned property.

To get a complete tour of the abandoned resort, watch the video below. As part of his Dead Motel Series, urban explorer and videographer Dan Bell recorded rare footage of Penn Hills’ abandoned interior. He includes plenty of interesting information about the former resort, as well:

Wow! Did you ever vacation at Penn Hills when it was open? Would you explore there now? Share your stories or thoughts in the comments below.

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