This Weird Pennsylvania Mystery Might Finally Be Solved After 50 Years

If you’ve ever visited the town of Kecksburg you may have seen it: the acorn-shaped brown lump that sits on a pedestal next to the town firehouse.  It serves as a monument to an unexplained object that fell from the sky on December 9, 1965, almost exactly 50 years ago to the day.

On the fateful occasion, people in at least six U.S. states and in Ontario, Canada reported seeing a fireball streak across the sky, and some even heard a sonic BOOM. Debris fell across portions of Michigan and Ohio, causing small fires.

The UFO landed in the woods of Kecksburg, PA. Within an hour of its landing, military personnel arrived, blockaded the area, and removed the object; it was never to be seen again.

Check out this latest theory in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Below is a video in case you’re interested in learning more about this bizarro story.

How do you explain the unidentified flying object that fell in Kecksburg? And more importantly, have you ever been to the UFO Festival?