There Are 3 Must-See Historic Landmarks In The Charming Town Of Sisters, Oregon

The small town of Sisters, Oregon, with a population of fewer than 3,000 residents, is a perfect place to go for a weekend getaway. If you happen to love history, then this town is for you, as it is flush with historic buildings from one end of town to the other. In fact, Sisters is such a historic place, the town itself has created an entire self-guided walking tour that will take you to nearly 20 different spots. However, today, we’re going to focus on the three must-see historic buildings in Sisters, Oregon. Enjoy the fresh mountain air as you start your exploration of town by visiting the Sisters Saloon Ranch & Grill.

Have you ever been to this small, historic town before? Have you checked out any of the historic buildings in Sisters, Oregon? Share with us what some of your favorites were!

Address: Sisters, OR 97759, USA
Address: Sisters Bakery, 251 E Cascade Ave, Sisters, OR 97759, USA
Address: Sisters Saloon & Ranch Grill, 190 E Cascade Ave, Sisters, OR 97759, USA
Address: Three Sisters Floral, 243 N Elm St, Sisters, OR 97759, USA