The Remarkable History of Fort Rock Cave In Oregon Spans From Ancient Times To Modern Day

Oregon has a rich history, and we love the tales about the Oregon trail, and the hardy pioneers who arrived in the 1800s. We’re also fascinated by the Beaver State’s native people who lived here long before white settlers showed up.

The history of humans in Oregon goes way back, and archaeologists can help us understand a little bit about how they lived. Back in 1938, one archaeologist made a ground-breaking discovery in a little cave, and today you can tour the cave to learn even more. Check out Fort Rock Cave:

The public is not allowed at Fort Rock Cave, other than with a park ranger on an official tour. The recent photos in this article are of Fort Rock itself – not the cave. The cave’s location is not disclosed here, in order to protect it from unwelcome guests.

Have you visited Fort Rock Cave? Tell us about your adventure there!

Address: Fort Rock Cave, Fort Rock, OR 97735, USA