It Was So Cold In Oregon In 1949, The Average Maximum December to February Temperature Was Just 33.6° F

Oregon isn’t generally known for cold winters. We’re lucky in the Pacific Northwest; for the most part, in the winter, we get a lot of rain, a little snow, and a few cold days in the winter – but it’s all pretty bearable. However, there have been a few winters in history that were quite a bit colder than others, and the winter of 1949 was the coldest of all. Statewide, from the beginning of December 1948 to the end of Februrary 1949, Oregon had the coldest winter on record. The average maximum temperature during that time period was just 33.6° F. That’s not that cold compared to other places in the United States, but it’s pretty darn cold for Oregon. Read on to learn more about the winter of 1949 – the coldest winter in Oregon ever.

Oregon’s coldest winter in 1949 was a long time ago, but there have been two more recent winters that came close! The winter of 2016-2017 was not that long ago; the average maximum temperature in Oregon that year was 38.2° F.  Colder than that, though, was 1993 – the average maximum temperature was very close to 1949 at just 38.8° F for those winter months.

Still, 1949 remains the coldest winter in Oregon of all time.

Stay warm, everybody!

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