There’s An Aerial Tree Walk At Leach Botanical Garden In Oregon And It’s Absolutely Magical

There’s just something magical about trees. Being surrounded by a lush forest canopy, the tall, towering trees simultaneously grounding and aspirational. Forests are a place for healing and reflection, and Leach Botanical Garden has long been an urban escape for Portlanders. A recent expansion brought the addition of a canopy walk, and it’s really something you must experience for yourself. You’ll find yourself wandering among giants at this aerial tree walk in Oregon.

This aerial tree walk in Oregon really is something you must experience. Admission to this Oregon treasure is free and you can learn more at the Leach Botanical Garden website. In the meantime, be sure to check out this video of this aerial tree walk in Oregon:

And for another soul-filling experience in Oregon nature, consider forest bathing at Westfir Lodge.

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Address: Leach Botanical Garden, 6704 SE 122nd Ave, Portland, OR 97236, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Aerial Tree Walk in Oregon

April 24, 2023

What are some other outdoor adventures in Oregon?

In a state that loves the Great Outdoors as much as Oregon, you can rest assured that there are lots of outdoor adventures in the Beaver State. In terms of the best gardens and lush forests to visit in Oregon, definitely check out:

  • Portland Japanese Garden. One of the most resplendent treasures in the Pacific Northwest, the Portland Japanese Garden is a real-life Eden tucked away in the hills of Rose City. With its cool canopy of trees, vibrant and verdant foliage, and sonorous score of babbling cascades and fluttering wildlife, the Portland Japanese Garden is 12 acres of perfect and pristine paradise. Beautiful all year long, the spring brings bountiful cherry blossoms, the summer is verdant green and glorious, autumn is awash in fall foliage, and winter is an ice-frosted fantasy of stillness and serenity. Simply put, the Portland Japanese Garden is a total sensory experience sure to calm your busy mind and bring a sense of peace. If you're a nature lover looking for the most sublime escape within city limits, nothing compares.
  • Forest Bathing. Here in Oregon, nature truly is our sanctuary. Not only do we head to the Great Outdoors to break a sweat or satisfy our insatiable wanderlust; we also turn to Mother Nature when we’re in need of rest and rejuvenation from the inside out. For this kind of soul-feeding therapy, forest bathing at Westfir Lodge in Oregon really is the ultimate relaxing experience. Forest bathing—don’t worry, it’s not how it sounds—is an ancient Japanese practice that combines a walk in nature with meditation and mindfulness. It’s an immersive outdoor experience that really puts you in the here and now, where you can lose yourself in the splendor of nature. At Westfir Lodge, you can enjoy a truly transformative, relaxing retreat in the woods.
  • Oregon Lava Forest. Central Oregon is a place of beguiling beauty, with the High Desert an immensely fascinating place with historic significance and great geographical variety. This is epitomized in the Lava Cast Forest, an expanse near Bend and Sunriver, Oregon, that’s home to 7,000-year-old lava tree cast formations. It’s a wondrous wasteland that’s hauntingly, sublimely beautiful, and on the Lava Cast Forest Trail, a paved, mlle-long loop, intrepid explorers can traverse straight through this captivating place.
  • Oregon Redwoods Trail.  Oregon really does have it all: waterfalls, caves, beaches, canyons, temperate rainforests, and also some of the most glorious old-growth forests in the country. In fact, the redwood forests for which California is well-known actually extend into Oregon! You’ll find old-growth redwoods in the Rogue River-Siskiyou Forest near Brookings, and one of the best trails to see them is the Oregon Redwoods Trail. You’ll hike among the world’s grandest giants on the Oregon Redwoods Trail, and it’s an experience you must add to your bucket list.
  • Columbia River Gorge. Hailed as the Crown Jewel of the Pacific Northwest, the Columbia River Gorge is the largest natural scenic area in the United States. The mighty Columbia River serves as the border between Oregon and Washington, and there are all sorts of treasures awaiting you on both states’ sides. We’re partial, of course, to the Beaver State’s side of this natural wonder; with more than 90 cascades on the Oregon side alone, there’s no better place to explore waterfalls in Oregon than the Columbia River Gorge.