Most People Don’t Know About This Underwater Ghost Town In Oklahoma

There is quite a history that lies beneath Lake Lugert-Altus in southwestern Oklahoma. An entire town and human existence once lived and thrived in the town beneath the lake. Founded in 1901, the town of Lugert at one time boasted a population between 300-400 people. It was named in honor of a prominent local merchant, the town’s founder, Frank Lugert.

Lugert moved to Oklahoma and filed a claim when Indian lands opened up in 1901. He received 80 acres of land at the base of the Wichita Mountains near Red River. He started the town of Lugert and owned the general store, post office and even coined his own money to be used in his store. But tragedy struck in 1912, when a tornado came through town and destroyed 41 out of the 42 buildings. The only structure to remain was Lugert’s General Store.

The town did continue to exist, but on a much smaller scale. In 1926, Altus passed a bond to build a dam across the North Fork of the Red River for a source of city water, flooding the town of Lugert. The dam, as it stands today, was completed in 1947. Frank Lugert rebuilt his buildings and moved his General Store next to the lake and ran it until a few years before his death in 1958.

But from time to time, when drought strikes SW Oklahoma, remains of this underwater ghost town can be found.

Full Story of Lugert, Oklahoma

Have you ever seen remnants of this ghost town when the water recedes in the lake?  Or did you ever visit Frank Lugert’s General Store before he passed away?