Here Are The 10 Most Dangerous Places To Live In Ohio

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Ever wondered where the most dangerous places to live in Ohio are? The following are what we consider to be the 10 most dangerous places to live in Ohio, based on the data compiled from Upgraded Home, Roadsnacks, and FBI Data. The findings included factors such as the violent crime rate per 1,000 residents, as well as the property crime rate per 1,000 residents, to determine the rankings. Please note, these are by no means the worst places to live in Ohio; every state has its issues, and while the following towns have higher-than-average instances of crime, they are by no means bad places to live!


Did your city or town make the list of the most dangerous places in Ohio? What do you think of this list of the worst cities in Ohio? You may be thinking, “Is Ohio dangerous?” As a whole, no. But there are certain places where you need to be extra cautious. On the flip side, what do you consider to be the best and safest places to live in Ohio? Share them with us in the comments!

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Most Dangerous Places in Ohio

March 17, 2021

What is it like living in Ohio?

Here is what it's like to live in Ohio:

Ohio is a beautiful state with a little bit of everything for everyone. For nature lovers, Ohio is home to 175 trails, all begging to be explored. Other popular activities include hunting, camping, fishing, and other outdoorsy things. For city dwellers, our cities are places of culture, art, and history. Columbus and Cleveland are both hubs for artistic souls, and Cincinnati has a vibrant arts district as well. Winters can get cold, but the mild and pleasant summers (as long as you don't mind the humidity).

What are some of the best places to live in Ohio?

Some of the best places to live in Ohio include:

  • Columbus
  • Dublin
  • Upper Arlington
  • Powell


Ohio is filled with great places to plant your roots; for example, the suburbs of Columbus are quite pleasant, and one little town is even called Dublin - and yes, it has an Irish streak! Upper Arlington, nestled inside Columbus, has a very low crime rate as well as excellent schools. Powell, resting close by, is also an urban paradise, though the cost of living is higher than in most Ohio suburbs.

What are the crime rates in Ohio?

These are the crime rates in Ohio:

According to, Ohio has about-average crime rates when compared to the rest of the country. However, certain towns in Ohio have significantly higher rates of crime than the rest of the country, so care must be taken to do one's research if they're hoping to move to the state. For example, Chillicothe is more dangerous than 99% of other communities in the US.