The Ultimate Bucket List For Anyone In Cleveland Who Loves Waterfall Hikes

There’s something humbling about waterfalls. The power and majesty they possess has the ability to make us feel like a tiny piece of the universe, awe-struck before something just as serendipitous as but more everlasting than ourselves. Waterfalls, additionally, are simply visually stunning, adding an ironic hint of softness to bold, vibrant environments. Cleveland is spectacular in that the city and its surrounding suburbs feature countless waterfalls, and many of them are on public property and easily accessible. And, to locals’ delight, you’ll find many waterfall hikes in the Cleveland Metroparks.

This road trip will immerse you in the most moving natural beauty in Northeast Ohio. Which of these waterfalls is your favorite?

Want to add one more waterfall to your list? Look for this cascade hiding in one Cleveland cemetery.