The Stunning Eatery In Cleveland’s Theater District Where Fine Dining Is The Star Of The Show

There’s an abundance of history here in Cleveland, though much of it has been lost to time. Despite the relatively short existence of our city, so much has happened here. Entire neighborhoods have experienced a rise, fall, and revival, and in that time, residents and businesses have moved in and out of well-loved structures. However, some businesses have stood their ground against the sands of time, remaining strong even as the surrounding neighborhoods fell into states of disrepair and, eventually, reconstruction. One such building in the theater district hosted a business for six decades, and the restaurant that now occupies its former space has made local history the star of the show.

There’s an interesting history here in Playhouse Square. Do you ever remember visiting this local jewelry store? Have you dined here since it became a restaurant? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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