The Secret Garden Near Cleveland You’re Guaranteed To Love

When many think of Lake Erie, they immediately think of one famously polluted river that feeds into it. They question the lake’s water quality and the health of its ecosystems, but few immediately consider the recent restorations and cleaning efforts that have gone into the lake in recent years. Some of its most magnificent parks now include stunning and clean beaches, but there is one in particular that you have to see to believe. Open your mind and prepare for a romantic excursion on Lake Erie’s shore, because we’re heading over to the lakefront rose garden:

Address: 1800 West Erie Avenue, Lorain, OH, 44052

Who knew Lake Erie’s shores could host such a beautiful garden?! This rose-lined path is sure to take your breath away.

If you enjoyed this trip, you will love a visit to this enchanting 80 acre garden near Cleveland.

Address: 1800 W Erie Ave, Lorain, OH 44052, USA