Hike Through This Rock Maze Near Cleveland For An Adventure Like No Other

There are many perks to living in a big city, but one of Cleveland’s best features can actually be found outside of the metro area. Cleveland is surrounded by a beautiful series of parks loved by locals and visitors alike. The Cleveland Metroparks, Summit Metro Parks, and Cuyahoga National Park, to name just a few districts, are all breathtaking and close to home. Prepare to delve into the wonder of nature, because we’re about to hit the trails in a lovely park surrounded by maze-like rock walls.

This gorgeous park is truly a treat for Northeast Ohioans, and it enchants visitors from all around the world. Have you ever visited Virginia Kendall Park’s Ritchie Ledges? Share some of your favorite photos in the comments, or join in on the conversation in our Ohio Nature Lovers Facebook group.

Enchanted by the majesty of local rock formations? Just wait until you see this artist’s impact on these natural ledges in the Cleveland Metroparks.