If You Can Pronounce The Names Of These 8 Restaurants, You’ve Lived In Cleveland For Far Too Long

In a city as diverse as Cleveland, one can’t help but encounter various cultures from all around the world. You may have grown up having neighbors who immigrated from Germany, China, India, Serbia—or perhaps your neighbors, friends, and coworkers came to Cleveland from somewhere else in the world. You can’t live in this charming city and avoid hearing various languages throughout your life, and you certainly can’t avoid the delectable cuisine from these unique cultures. Such diversity is well worth celebrating, particularly when dinner time rolls around.

These restaurants can trace their founders’ lineage to different regions in the world, but each serves up dishes that are simply to die for. There’s nothing wrong with a diverse diet, especially when it reflects the varied nature of your favorite city! What restaurants would you add to our list?

If you love celebrating the cultures that built Cleveland, you must explore the lovely Cleveland cultural gardens.