It Was So Cold In Cleveland In 1994, Temperatures Stayed Below Zero For 56 Hours

Wintertime in Cleveland, Ohio is a season like no other. Brisk, icy, and dreary with endless grey skies and freezing temperatures, Clevelanders have grown to be hardy in face of the seasonal challenges. However, one year was infamously worse than any other. In 1994, the coldest day in Cleveland history was recorded. While a few hours of unforgiving cold might have been tolerable, this particular cold weather event stretched across three long, cold days and laid waste to the city’s infrastructure. Let’s take a look at this chilling moment in time, shall we?

If your older relatives have ever talked about how much worse winters in Cleveland used to be, there may be some truths to their claim. Over the years, the region has been impacted by some pretty significant weather events, but few moments are as chilling as the coldest day in Cleveland history.

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