The Scenic Cincinnati Bridge Where You Can Stand In Two States At Once

As a city along the river, Cincinnati is known for its scenic bridges that span the Ohio River. They add even more visual interest to our already stunning skyline, and of course, provide an easy way to get to Northern Kentucky. One of the most eye-catching bridges that connect Ohio and Kentucky is the Newport Southgate Bridge, more commonly known as the Purple People Bridge. This colorful bridge provides some of the best views of Cincinnati, and it also has an interesting history and a few features that may surprise you.

The Purple People Bridge is a unique attraction in Cincinnati that allows for beautiful views of our city and the rare chance to stand in two states at once. Have you ever straddled the state line on the Purple People Bridge? Did you know of its past? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on the Purple People Bridge, visit its website here.

And once you reach the Ohio side of the bridge, be sure to check out an incredible riverfront park, featured in an article here.

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