This Beautiful Church In Cincinnati Is Still Standing After Enduring More Than 60 Floods

The history of flooding in Cincinnati is one of heartbreak, incredible damage, and yet a commitment to rebuild and flourish once the waters have receded. As a river town, Cincinnati has seen its fair share of floods, some more memorable and impactful than others. As you’d expect, the buildings along the banks of the Ohio River are the most affected by the rising waters, but one particular church in the East End has definitely seen more flooding than it cares to remember. St. Rose Church on Riverside Drive has actually endured over 60 floods since its beginning, and yet it still stands and continues to serve the Cincinnati community.

St. Rose is a beautiful church with a beautiful story and we’re sure it will continue to endure flooding that may happen in the future. Have you attended services at St. Rose? Share your memories of this Cincinnati landmark with us in the comments.

For more information on St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, visit its website here.

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