The Burgers And One-Of-A-Kind Atmosphere Are Still The Best At The Turf Club In Cincinnati

Restaurants come and go in Cincinnati, but then there are those that stick around and become legendary. The Queen City almost lost one of those iconic dining destinations in 2018, but it was purchased by brothers who aim to continue the tradition. The Turf Club is hard to miss on Eastern Avenue and is known for its burgers and one-of-a-kind atmosphere. If you’ve been curious if you should try it again, know that The Turf Club in Cincinnati still has a lot to offer and everything you loved about this quirky restaurant remains the same.

The Turf Club in Cincinnati still has the famous neon lights, the same one-of-a-kind atmosphere, and those massive burgers. But it now also offers a new perspective on this legendary Cincinnati eatery and it’s definitely worth a try. Have you been to the reinvented, but still the same, Turf Club in Cincinnati? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Address: 4618 Eastern Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226, USA