The World’s Largest Chocolate Bar Was Buried Right Here In Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a fun town that is home to many fun and peculiar facts. If you grew up in the Queen City, you’d probably be pretty good at a game of Cincinnati trivia, but do you think you know it all? Of course, no one knows all of the interesting facts about Cincinnati, but most do know about the large local company, Rumpke. Rumpke is a well-known waste and recycling company in our area that is home to a literal mountain of trash. You can see if from the road, but have you ever wondered what oddities are buried in there? If you’re curious, few people actually know that the world’s largest chocolate bar was buried right here in Cincinnati, so take a closer look at this peculiar destination in our city.

If you ever want to impress people with facts about Cincinnati, don’t forget to tell them about the world’s largest chocolate bar that is buried somewhere in “Mt. Rumpke.” You might as well share about the elephant, too! Did you know these peculiar facts about Cincinnati? What other pieces of trivia can you share? We’d love to read them in the comments!

For more information on tours of Rumpke, where you can learn more interesting facts, visit its website here.

Address: 3800 Struble Road, Cincinnati, OH 45251

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