You’ll Love This Beautiful Little Waterfall Hike That’s Hidden Away Near Cincinnati

There are countless places around Cincinnati to take a hike and reconnect with nature – places where you can walk deep into the woods, through a large, open field, or along a creek bed. They all have their own highlights and charm, and we featured some of the best previously here.

However, there is another set of hiking trails just south of Cincinnati in Ft. Mitchell, that can be found in the most unexpected setting. Highland Cemetery is a beautiful property that also happens to have four miles of hiking trails. It’s along these trails that you’ll discover a beautiful little waterfall hike that’s hidden away and perfect for a little adventure near Cincinnati.

The hiking trails at Highland Cemetery in Ft. Mitchell are a natural hidden gem that is worth seeking out for adventure, relaxation, and hopefully some waterfall chasing. Did you know about these hidden trails near Cincinnati? Let us know in the comments!

Highland Cemetery is located at 2167 Dixie Highway, Fort Mitchell, KY 41017. For more information and a trail map, visit their website here.

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