The California Woods Trail Will Show You A Completely New Side Of Ohio

Ohioans know how beautiful our state is, but there’s still some places we go that surprise even the most knowledgable Buckeye. California Woods Nature Preserve is one of those rare hidden gems. Did you know there’s a California, Ohio? (We bet you didn’t!) California is one of the 52 neighborhoods that make up the city of Cincinnati; it’s a small river community located at the confluence of the Little Miami and Ohio Rivers, between Lunken Airport and Coney Island. Its eponymous nature preserve is nestled in the center of the community, and it’s utterly breathtaking. The California Woods Trail in Ohio will show you a completely new side of the state—one you never knew existed.

The California Woods Trail in Ohio is one of those places that truly takes you by surprise, and leaves you completely awestruck at the state’s natural beauty. But that’s pretty much Ohio for you! If you need further proof, these 15 beautiful hikes in Ohio will convince you.

Address: California Woods Nature Preserve, 5400 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45230, USA