Ohio is well-known for its variety of outdoor activities and delicious food, so why not combine the two in one trip? Central Ohio has the gorgeous Highbanks Metro Park, with incredible scenery that you can enjoy all year long. About 30 minutes south is The Thurman Cafe, featuring some of the country’s best burgers – they’re fall-off-the-plate incredible!

The Scenic River Trail at Highbanks will show you the best views in the park and after burning off all those calories, you’ll be ready to treat yourself with a tasty burger! There are a few different routes you can check out on Google Maps, but all are around 30 minutes with traffic.

In a different area of the Buckeye state? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got a few other fun day pairings planned for you in all corners of Ohio!

All right, go ahead and fill up your tank and hit the road! Try to schedule you’re day so you have plenty of room in your stomach by the time you reach The Thurman Cafe: trust us, you’ll need it!

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