Winter in Ohio is nothing if not exciting, and while some seem more snow-filled and ice-slick than others, nothing quite compares in Ohio in January of 1994. Twenty-four years ago, Cleveland reached a wind chill index of an astounding -41 degrees F, Cincinnati reached -21 degrees F and Mansfield reached a chilling -57 degrees F. In terms of actual temperatures, Cleveland reached a record-breaking -20 degrees F on January 19, 1994. With the rock-solid, frozen Cuyahoga River, tears freezing on your face and dangerous driving conditions, this deep freeze left its mark on Ohio as one of the coldest winters on record. Too see the full extent of the frigid temperatures of the Winter of 1994 in Ohio, watch the newscast clip below:

Do you remember the record-breaking winter in Ohio? What were you doing during the Winter of 1994 in Ohio? If so, please share your memories with us!

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Winter of 1994 in Ohio

What's winter in Ohio typically like?

Winter in Ohio typically means temperatures in the 30s and 40s, a couple of good snowfalls, at least once ice storm, and a deep freeze or two. The Winter of 1994 in Ohio, on the other hand, was a historic anomaly that hasn't been repeated since! Ohioans are used to bundling up and shoveling snow, but don't ask us to drive in it... we are notoriously terrible at navigating inclement weather!

What are some of the best winter day trips in Ohio?

Wondering about the best winter day trips in Ohio? Read on!

  • If you want to embrace the cold and snow, head to Mad River Mountain, the best ski and snow tubing park in Ohio. Although ski resorts and chair lifts are probably some of the last things that come to mind when you think of Ohio, you should know that the state is home to a pretty epic winter resort. The 144-acre Mad River Mountain in Zanesfield, Ohio features all the wintertime fun you could possibly want—and then some. It’s one of the best tubing and ski resorts in Ohio. Mad River Mountain is easily one of the best winter day trips in Ohio!
  • Check out Snow Trails, a resort in Mansfield were you can learn to ski, snowboard, or snow-tube. This family-favorite destination features the Timberline Trail which is one of the longest in Ohio, some of the longest tubing lanes in the state, a large Snow Trails Ski Shop, a beginner's area, children's programs, and so much more.
  • Head to the hills... Hocking Hills! Ohio's favorite hiking spot transforms into a magical winter wonderland during the winter months. Frozen waterfalls, snow covered trees, and eerie caves abound along this the Old Man's Cave Trail.
  • Go for a scenic drive. Taking the Amish Country Scenic Byway during the winter is a special experience. It warms your heart in ways you can’t describe, making you long for home, family and simpler times. That’s why we think it’s the most scenic and enjoyable drive you can take in Ohio during the winter months. Before you end your drive, make a stop at your favorite Amish restaurant.

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