Walk Behind A Waterfall For A One-Of-A-Kind Experience In Northern California

The northernmost parts of Northern California lay claim to the largest lake and the longest river – and thus, plenty of things to do. The folks who live here are proud and very candid about their love of life here. Some of the most amazing waterfalls can be found in this part of the state, along with one very special falls that welcomes you to step behind the water’s veil. This incredible, walkable waterfall in Northern California will take your breath away in the best way possible.

Bring your best friends and make some memories here! Like we said, the folks who live around here are loud and proud of it, so keep things looking perfect and carry out all your trash. You want to be welcomed back, don’t you? We thought so. Which waterfall in Northern California is your favorite? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Address: Hedge Creek Falls, 4131 Dunsmuir Ave, Dunsmuir, CA 96025, USA

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Waterfalls Near Me in Northern California

August 06, 2021

What are some amazing natural wonders in Northern California?  

There are so many incredible sights to see in the region of Northern California that it can be overwhelming to try and decide on just a few to see and experience. We can totally try to make it easier for you with some of our favorites! Of course, you could always go see the enchanting forest at Redwood National Park (which we definitely recommend), but there’s much more than just that! Take the incredible drive along Highway 1 for some of the most incredible, wonderful beauty the United States has to offer. The coastlines of Northern California are something incredibly special and unlike anywhere else in the nation. Lassen Volcanic National Park is another must-see wonder, especially for those who are fascinated by the history of the earth. For more of our favorite natural wonders in Northern California (and then some), take a look at this list!  

What are the best hikes in Northern California?  

There are many hikes throughout Northern California that are simply incredible. The region is like none other on this side of the United States; its mountainous terrain comes with amazing views of the surrounding world that truly seem to cleanse the soul. Some of the most unique, stand-alone routes to take include hikes through the beautiful Siskiyou Wilderness, which includes deep canyons and views to die for. The Desolation Wilderness nearby Lake Tahoe is another must-do. You won’t believe the incredible views of the mountains and surrounding wilderness. Don’t let that name fool you – the Desolation Wilderness is a popular area for hikers and outdoorsmen, and for good reason.  

What are some fun outdoor things to do in Northern California? 

Northern California is an excellent state for outdoor activities and recreation. Take your pick from some of the most incredible hiking trails in the world, plentiful fishing, camping, and swimming holes. Take a waterfall road trip and explore the legendary cascades of NorCal. Find your next favorite thing to do by taking up “glamping”, a modernized, more-glitzy form of camping. The region is an outdoorsy person’s dream come true – it doesn’t get a whole lot more breathtaking than NorCal’s great outdoors.

Address: Hedge Creek Falls, 4131 Dunsmuir Ave, Dunsmuir, CA 96025, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.