The 3-Mile Hike To Cataract Falls In Northern California Is Gorgeous During The Rainy Season

There’s no better time to go hunting for waterfalls than the rainy season. After all, wet conditions always make for extra beautiful waterfalls! There are some great waterfall hikes in Northern California that are best done in winter or spring, and the hike to Cataract Falls is one of them. This 3-mile hike will plunge you into a landscape that’s filled with vibrant and lush foliage, and the waterfall at the end is the perfect sight to conclude your adventure. If you can only do one hike this rainy season, you’ll want to be sure it’s this one.

Have you accomplished the hike to Cataract Falls before? What’s your favorite rainy season hike? Tell us below! For another stunning waterfall adventure, check out The Northern California Hiking Are That Take You To Not One But Four Waterfalls. 

Address: Cataract Falls, California 94970, USA