Most People Have No Idea There’s An Underwater Ghost Town Hiding Near San Francisco

Roughly one hour south of San Francisco, at the southeastern tip of the San Francisco Bay, lies a ghost town that has been gradually sinking into the marshlands of Fremont. Drawbridge dates back to around 1876, when it was a regular train stop between the cities of Newark, Alviso, and San Jose. An operator was hired to raise the train drawbridge for shipping traffic. This was a lawless area and by 1926, it had grown to a town of 90 cabins. But, due to excessive water pumping for surrounding areas, the land started to slowly sink; then raw sewage from San Jose began to seep into the water. By 1979, the town’s last resident abandoned ship and it’s been a decaying ghost town ever since.

The only way to get near Drawbridge is via the active Union Pacific Railroad track—since it’s illegal, not to mention incredibly dangerous, to check out the area by foot, we were excited to find this very cool drone video from Al Diaz that beautifully captures this sinking ghost town from above.

Were you familiar with this ghost town near San Francisco?

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