If You Haven’t Visited This Incredible Chocolate Shop In San Francisco, You’ve Been Missing Out

Chocolate is a favorite of many people, and if you are in San Francisco then you’re lucky. n the heart of San Francisco‚Äôs Mission District is Dandelion Chocolate, a wonderful cafe for chocolate, chocolate treats, and coffee. Venture to the Mission District for some delectable home grown chocolate and more.

Watch this video about Dandelion Chocolate. The video shows is a great introduction to Dandelion Chocolate and their intricate chocolate-making process.

Visit Dandelion Chocolate here 740 Valencia Street, San Francisco, 94110 Dandelion is open 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM everyday. Call 415-349-0942 or email info@dandelionchocolate.com for more information.

Have you been to Dandelion Chocolate? Share your opinions in the comments below. If you love awesome food spots in the city, then check out This Amazing Seafood Shack That Is Absolutely Mouthwatering.