This Northern California Hotel Is Among The Most Haunted Places In The Nation

The small town of Nevada City is no stranger to hauntings. It’s renowned as one of the most haunted towns in all of Northern California, so that’s why it comes as no surprise that one of the nation’s most haunted hotels is located right here. The National Exchange Hotel (sometimes referred to as just the National Hotel) is considered one of the best places to go if you want to spot a ghost. It makes sense: this haunted hotel has seen a lot of people and has been through a lot since it was first built in 1863. Visit this unsettling place only if you think you can handle it! We dare you…

Have you ever spent a night at this haunted hotel? Northern California is definitely not short on spooky places to explore. Craving more? You should check out this article: 7 Most Haunted Places In Northern California.

Address: The National Exchange Hotel, 211 Broad St, Nevada City, CA 95959, USA
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Most Haunted Hotel in Northern California

October 13, 2021

What are some real haunted places in Northern California?  

Northern California is a wonderful place to be in general, but did you know it’s got a creepy side? It’s true – and totally worth checking out. Some notoriously haunted places in Northern California that you’ll love include beds and breakfasts, old inns, bars, saloons, and so many more – you’ll have to come experience it to believe it. Some of our favorites are the old MacCallum House, in Mendocino, which is an absolutely gorgeous Victorian-style home that’s now a creepy bed and breakfast. In Scotia, you’ll find the Scotia Inn (at least it’s easy enough to remember), which has been around for basically forever and is said to be haunted by a ghost called “Frank”. The Repertory Theatre in Ferndale is also notorious for its ghosts; Northern California has loads of allegedly haunted spots – you’ve just got to know where to go! For more of our favorites (and more information on the ones mentioned above), take a look at this list.  

Where is the National Exchange Hotel in Northern California?  

The notoriously haunted National Exchange Hotel resides in Nevada City, California. It was built in 1856 and is said to be not just among the most haunted places in California, but also the most haunted in the entire nation. Folks come from just about every corner of the country to see if they’ll experience something spooky here, and honestly, folks don’t often leave disappointed. Nevada City is a town located in northeastern-central California. It’s the county seat of Nevada County, and it lies about 60 miles northeast of Sacramento. It’s an interesting little town, and you should absolutely visit it if you ever get the chance. Make sure to stay at the National Exchange Hotel… you never know what you might experience!  

Address: The National Exchange Hotel, 211 Broad St, Nevada City, CA 95959, USA