Camping is supposed to be a relaxing outdoor activity that brings us closer to nature, but you may not get that expected tranquil experience when you visit this one haunted campground in our state. Mount Madonna County Park is a stunning destination that completely immerses you in Northern California’s natural beauty, but it’s also known as one of the spookiest places in our region as well. Paranormal experiences and unexplained phenomena are typical here, so consider sleeping with one eye open when you spend the night! You never know what type of strange oddities you’ll come across during your time at this haunted campground in Northern California.

What do you think? Would you spend the night at this haunted campground in our state? If you enjoy visiting all of our state’s creepiest spots, then be sure to take a look at this road trip to the most haunted places in Northern California.

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Haunted Northern California

What are the most haunted places in Northern California? 

For a good fright, some of the most haunted places in Northern California are:

  • Alcatraz. The prison closed in 1963 but it is still open for tours, and with the many rumors of the spirits of former prisoners and guartds haunting the space, there is a good chance you may experience something supernatural.
  • The Black Diamond Mines are said to be haunted by a spirit known as the White Witch. She was the widow of the town's founder and died a quite unseemly death.
  • Placerville is an entire haunted town. There is a famed ghost that resides in the local saloon, as well as a haunted hotel and other spirited spots.


Are there any haunted hotels in Northern California? 

If you want to spend an evening with some spirits, book a night (or a few) at one of these haunted hotels in Northern California:

  • San Remo Hotel is said to have two ghosts, one that is a little girl who wanders the halls and another that is an older woman who resides in room 33.
  • Murphy's Hotel was born in 1856 and is home to a couple of ghosts that people say they can feel upon entering the hotel.
  • The Cary House in Placerville has a whole family of ghosts that are likely a holdover from the gold rush days.


Can I go to any abandoned places in Northern California? 

If you have a passion for ruins and spots being reclaimed by nature, you'll want to visit these abandoned places in Northern California:

  • Chinese Camp was a successful mining town for many years until most of its residents left it behind and the town's buildings grew into disrepair.
  • J's Amusement Park was officially closed down in 2003, but the attractions and structures have been left behind to be reclaimed by nature.
  • Punta Gorda Lighthouse is over 100 years old! It is no longer active and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in the 70s. It's tough to reach but well worth the visit.



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