Enjoy Expansive Views From Atop A Granite Batholith At Northern California’s Big Bald Rock

Hiding in the northern region of the Sierra Nevada is a rocky outcropping that is not only impressive in itself but boasts the perfect vantage point of the surrounding landscape. Known as Big Bald Rock, seeing this incredible granite formation is a must for anybody with an adventurous spirit. At only a mile long, the hike is easy-breezy, but it’s the view at the end that is bound to leave you in complete awe. For a memorable adventure to one of Northern California’s strangest geologic wonders, consider taking on the trail to Big Bald Rock.

Did you know about this incredible granite formation hiding out in the Sierras? What an amazing hiking destination! For more geologic wonders, check out incredible rock formations at Northern California’s Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. 

Address: Big Bald Rock, California 95916, USA