The Hidden Park In North Carolina You’ll Want To Spend More Time In

North Carolina is home to some outstanding city parks that offer over-the-top outdoor fun. (Recently, we told about a city park with amusement rides for the kiddos. You can read about that here.) When it comes to year-round fun among nature, there is a park in Durham that most people outside of the local neighborhood don’t really know about. But this underrated park is chock full of things to do and is poised you to have a fun-filled, adventurous day with the family. Check it out!

Whether you live in or near Durham, or not, you’ll want to spend more time at West Point on the Eno. It’s an awesome place to relax and enjoy a day with friends or family!

West Point on the Eno is open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. until dark. Admission is free. Learn more at this link on the official website for the Eno River Association.