North Carolina’s Massive Wildfire Is Spreading And It’s Truly Tragic

It was just one week ago that we spoke of the worst wildfire to take place in North Carolina’s history. As of last week, our state had seen over 40,000 acres of land burned by wildfires since the end of October, with matters only getting worse. We’re heartbroken to report that a new fire broke out Monday night, burning roughly one thousand acres in the past 24 hours since starting. With plenty of wildfires still raging throughout the west in North Carolina, it’s become an increasingly terrifying thought to think about what will happen to our state if these disasters don’t get under control soon enough.

Have you been keeping an eye on the tragic wildfire that has started in Blowing Rock? Have you been affected by any of these raging wildfires? To read our original post from last week on North Carolina’s most devastating wildfire, click here.