This Charming Small Town In North Carolina Might Actually Be Cursed

Not too long ago, I wrote about North Carolina’s first town and port, Bath. Established in 1705, Bath was a bustling place where many lived life as they saw fit. Also a pirate haven, Bath had somewhat of a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ mentality. In the early days, it saw success as a port, settlement, and as the first town of North Carolina. But things can’t always stay sunny, and in my research of the town, I also found something unique: Bath might actually be cursed.

Is Bath actually cursed? Had you heard this story before? In my opinion, it’s a beautiful place and maybe was always meant to be somewhat quiet. Yet again, North Carolina has plenty of fascinating history, myths and legends.

While the “Curse of Bath” could merely be fiction, the Lost Colony is fact – and archaeologists think they might have finally solved this great mystery.