Have You Seen The Shadow Of The Bear? Your Jaw Will Drop!

During spring in North Carolina, rhododendrons prepare to blossom along the mountainside, birds zip through valleys to feed their young, trees bud with small green leaves, and for a few weeks, a strange shadow appears.

It is not just in spring, but also in autumn when it takes shape. Larger than life, rushing through the wooded landscape in a swift black shadow, the bear appears.

The Shadow of the Bear is a natural phenomenon that can only be witnessed outside of Cashiers, North Carolina.

If you haven’t seen it before, you’re in for a treat! Even if you have witnessed it in person, this video shows how truly amazing the elusive, and mysterious shadow is. Clearly, in North Carolina, the nature is just as mysterious as the legends and folklore!

What did you think? Have you seen the bear before?

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