This One City In North Carolina Might Be The Best In America

North Carolina is home to several ‘in the spotlight’ cities. Many visit Asheville to experience the unique culture, Charlotte for the metropolitan vibes, and the triad for the twin cities and furniture shopping in High Point. But it seems the one city in North Carolina with the most press is indeed the Capitol city of Raleigh.

Raleigh is quickly becoming a key area of culture, arts, food (plus Durham) and a great place to live (whatever your age might be). With a central location – you can be at the beach in two(ish) hours or take a quick drive to the Piedmont or haul it to the mountains in just four. While Charlotte appears as the large, shining gem of metropolitan North Carolina – you might want to keep your eyes peeled on Raleigh!

Do you live in Raleigh now? Do you love it?