The One Restaurant In North Carolina That’s Anything But Ordinary

In the Triangle area, Ashley Christensen is a household name. She owns various restaurants in the Raleigh area, each with their own flair: the southern yet proper Beasley’s Chicken and Honey, the classic Death and Taxes, The Bridge Club for big events, Chuck’s for an amazing burger, Joule for a morning start and Fox Liquor Bar for a nightcap. Yet, one restaurant is a bit different from the rest, and one recipe of this one restaurant is perhaps the most sought after in North Carolina.

As of now, I think I could live on Poole’s macaroni au gratin forever and never look back. I must go get a bowl now! If you want to learn more behind what goes into the macaroni au gratin and also interviews with Ashley Christensen herself – read this great article by Garden&Gun.

Have you been to Poole’s before, what did you think?

If you’re looking for another culinary adventure in North Carolina, how about trying a shrimpburger?