The Charming Mountain Town Restaurant Every North Carolinian Needs To Visit

When it comes to southern food, the staples are simple: fried, butter, homestyle. But there are actually several variations. One of those new variations that’s always been present in the western region of the state but is gaining nationwide presence is the rise of ‘Appalachia.’ If you’re from this region of the state, you’ve more than likely grown up with your grandma making these recipes and passing them down through generations. Like any traditional southern dish, it derives from making the most of what you have, what comes from the land and what can persist through harsh winters and onto spring. The most traditional ‘Appalachia’ dish is cornbread and soup beans.

Located in the charming mountain town of Valle Crucis, this one restaurant also has a namesake that’s familiar to most of us – Over Yonder. With a name like that, you know it’s going to be amazing.

I’m officially starving! Everything here is so delicious but I’m definitely eyeing that fried chicken and mac and cheese! Have you ever been here? What are some traditional Appalachian dishes you know?

For another unique dining experience, how about this amazing restaurant tucked into a forest?