This Mystery Discovered Off The North Carolina Coast Is Incredible

A certain territory of coastline off the NC shore is notoriously known as ‘The Graveyard of the Atlantic.’ Many ships, sailors, traders, and pirates met their untimely end near this one section of dangerous rip currents, storms, and rocky shores.

But a recent discovery has scientist and historians amazed and excited. This particular discovery was found deeper and farther out than most discoveries.

What did they find? A shripwreck!  They believe it to be a ship dating back to the Revolutionary War. Artifacts discovered include an iron chain, red bricks, and glass bottles. The shipwreck was discovered using sonar and was found nearly a mile down, well-preserved in freezing waters.

Found near the Gulf Stream, this indicates it could be a trading ship – as the ship was found at a popular trade route. Either way, the ship, and the artifacts, could tell us a lot about centuries old history.

Learn more about the shocking discovery below.

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