You May Not Like These Predictions About North Carolina’s Brutally Snowy Upcoming Winter

The Old Farmers Almanac has officially released its upcoming predictions for North Carolina’s winter season, and if you’re dreaming of snow, you’re in luck. As usual, across the nation, it all depends where you’re located for just how brutal or mild your winter will be. Since 1818, the Farmers’ Almanac have used a ‘secret’ formula for information as well as signs from nature for predictions.

“One of the key components in our formula is the Moon and its motions. The Moon has a proven influence on the tides, and it is our belief that it may have effects on our atmosphere as well. Ocean tides can be accurately predicted, so part of our formula relies on the belief that we can line up certain weather patterns with a specific position of the Moon in its orbit…” – Caleb Weatherbee, Official Almanac Weather Prognosticator

But now it’s time to get to the good stuff, wondering what’s in store for North Carolina this winter?

How do you feel about the predictions for the upcoming winter? Are you excited or dreading it? Have you read the Farmers’ Almanac before? I remember reading it as a young child in hopes we’d get some snow days during the school year! It seems they usually predict pretty close to actuality.

Sure, we might be talking winter, but we’re still in summer right now (with hot temps to back it up). So make sure to complete these 10 awesome summer day trips before it’s too late!

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