Stay Overnight In The 111-Year-Old Grand Old Lady Hotel, An Allegedly Haunted Spot In North Carolina

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, a stay at this grand old hotel in North Carolina is a must for an adventurous soul. But if you do believe in spirits from another time lingering on in this world, you’ll love a stay at this 111-year-old spot where ghosts are said to roam the halls, play tricks on the guests, and more. For anyone checking off a list of places you’re likely to see or sense a ghost, this haunted spot in North Carolina belongs on the bucket list.

For stunning views, the charm of a huge old country hotel, and a potentially haunting experience, head to this (allegedly) haunted hotel in North Carolina where you’re sure to enjoy your stay – even if you don’t see a ghost.

The Grand Old Lady Hotel is open year-round and has a restaurant on the property. It’s located 12 miles northwest of Sylva and 9 miles southeast of Waynesville. Learn more and make reservations on the official website. See more images of the beautiful, grand old hotel on their Facebook page.

Address: 68 7 Springs Drive, Balsam, NC, 28707

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