Spend The Night – If You Dare – In This Haunted Airbnb, The Stroud House In North Carolina

The Stroud House in downtown Wake Forest has been in the Stroud family for five generations – ever since the home was built in the early 1940s. That being said: it’s also haunted, according to the current Stroud family members that own the home.

People who’ve visited have reported a number of oddball occurrences that can easily be attributed to something paranormal – like a ghost. For instance, the lights in the basement and the hallways turn on randomly. Glowing orbs have been seen in the living room. There’s a music box that mysteriously plays all by itself. And…

At the time of publication, an overnight in this beautiful haunted abode was listed at $64 per night. The luxurious queen bed in the guest room in the Stroud House can easily accommodate two guests. A small cot stored under the bed can add one more person to the stay. Learn more about this haunted Airbnb.com rental by visiting its listing page here!

Ever encounter a ghost? We’d love to hear when and where!

Address: Wake Forest, NC 27587, USA