Staying At North Carolina’s Most Haunted Campground Will Absolutely Terrify You

(Editors Note: we have received unofficial word that No Trespassing signs that are in place at Devils Tramping Ground are now being enforced. Read all you want about this ghastly place to camp, but think twice before you risk going to jail just to get a glimpse of the devil.)

Ask anyone in North Carolina about the Devil’s Tramping Ground – they’re sure to have a story. It’s a North Carolina legend. The 40 ft. circle completely devoid of life has been this way since I – and most people – can remember. What exactly is this extremely strange place in North Carolina? Does the devil really roam these grounds, and better yet, why will nothing grow or stay in the circle?

You’ll find this haunting place ten miles south of Siler City, on State Road 1100, Devil’s Tramping Ground Road. There are plenty of places to camp in the area, but this might be the absolute scariest place to pitch a tent in North Carolina. Have you had any personal experiences at the Devil’s Tramping Ground? What do you think is the story behind this mysterious place?

If you love scary legends in North Carolina, take a night drive down these ten haunted roads.

Address: Devils Tramping Ground Road, Devils Tramping Ground Rd, North Carolina, USA

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Most Haunted Campground in North Carolina

September 04, 2021

Where can I find haunted places in North Carolina?  

North Carolina is one of the oldest states in the union, and with that kind of history comes plenty of ghost stories. There are certain places thought to be outrageously haunted by local legend and modern residents. Some of our favorites to read about include the old Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, which is said to be haunted by lost sailors (and a cat). Queens University is another place thought to be ridiculously haunted, with doors that open and close on their own, cold spots, appearing and disappearing objects, and more. North Carolina is also home to its very own spook lights known as the Brown Mountain Lights, which have been witnessed for centuries as far back as Native American folks. And, if you’re a fan of haunted hotels, you can’t miss a stay at The Carolina Inn, which has been known to be haunted for ages.  

What are the creepiest places in North Carolina?  

Other than the Devil’s Tramping Ground, which you’ve just read about, there are just some places in North Carolina that are bound to make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. There’s old Lydia’s Bridge, which is said to have been constructed following a horrific fatal accident involving the woman it’s named for. They say you’ll still see her trying to flag cars down for help when conditions are just right. The French Broad River is said to be plagued by a beautiful siren who lures male hikers and campers to their watery deaths in the French Broad River. For a longer list of our favorite creepy places in North Carolina, check this article out.  

Which North Carolina campgrounds should I add to my bucket list?  

North Carolina is a great place for camping! In fact, there are a number of campgrounds throughout the state that you definitely ought to add to your bucket list if you haven’t visited already. Some of the best of the best include the Bear Den Family Campground, within Pisgah National Forest, where you’ll find all kinds of modern amenities that make this campground wonderful. Camping at Carolina Beach State Park is a definite bucket-list item, too, and you won’t believe the breathtaking beauty of the grounds there. You will also want to check out the campgrounds nestled within the Croatan National Forest, which is on the Atlantic coast and is simply stunning.  

Address: Devils Tramping Ground Road, Devils Tramping Ground Rd, North Carolina, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.