Don’t Drive Over These 5 Haunted Bridges In North Carolina Or You’ll Regret It

BOO! It’s Halloween, and if you’re looking for some fun after the trick or treaters have left, why not give yourself a good spook? North Carolina has plenty of haunted spots, but nothing as creepy as parking your car on a bridge and waiting for a spirit to arrive. These bridges will give you the thrill of your life, if you dare.

To see the drive on Heartbeat Bridge by TheMysterDriver, watch below

I must say, there’s no downplaying on the scary factor when it comes to haunted bridges in North Carolina, I’m not sure if I’d be brave enough to venture out alone on a dark and of course…rainy….night. Have you driven on any of these bridges before or have your own personal stories to share?

Since you’re in the car, and already scared, you might as well take a drive down these seven haunted roads.

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