This Map Will Show You When and Where To View Fall Foliage In North Carolina

Is it ever too early to start planning for how and when we’ll view fall foliage in the North Carolina mountains? I think not. Per usual, the highly anticipated ‘fall color guide’ has been released by Appalachian State Professor Dr. Howard S Neufeld indicating when each area will experience the peak season. Factoring in things like weather, altitude, and early frost, it’s actually somewhat possible to plan exactly when the leaves and color will peak.

When planning a fall trip to make the most of the gorgeous landscape – it seems the time is now! Luckily, this map helps you plan exactly where to visit and at what time. For more information on the map, click here. When and where are you planning to witness the beauty of a changing season?

If you want to make the most of fall in North Carolina, how about a fall foliage road trip?