There’s Nothing Better Than This Mouthwatering Burger Trail In North Carolina

We’ve covered everything from ice cream to BBQ, but one staple that’s perfect for a grab-n-go lunch or delicious dinner is a burger. Whether you prefer yours ‘all the way,’ simple with cheese, mustard and lettuce (like me) or more extravagant; there’s a pitstop for every type of burger lover on this statewide trail. If you weren’t following the news, you might’ve missed Strange Carolinas Burger Bracket Tournament that made headlines from Asheville to OBX. The ‘burger bracket’ pitted 64 different burger joints against each other until votes decided on the best burger in North Carolina.

Featuring some top contenders in said bracket, and some classic favorites, wear your stretchy pants for this delicious burger trail.

Sure, there’s so many great burger joints throughout the state, but these highlight the best in the region. It seems if you’re looking to open a burger joint in Greensboro, you’re going to have some serious competition – other top contenders like PorterHouse and Emma Key’s are stationed here. Even Charlotte has a hot burger market, it’s the original location for the ‘now chain’ Bad Daddy’s, other burger spots worth a stop in Charlotte also include Bang Bang Burgers, Zack’s Hamburgers, and Pinky’s. Also, if you’re starting out the trip in Asheville, stop at Juicy Lucy’s too…another top contender in the burger bracket.

What are some of your favorite places for grabbing a burger throughout North Carolina? Did your favorite make a list? How do you like your burgers – I’ll take mine with cheese, mustard, ketchup, lettuce and coleslaw. YUM!